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From Dan Cooper <dcoo...@fvt.com>
Subject Re: MySql InnoDB question
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 22:00:00 GMT
Youngho Cho wrote:

>I am tring to use MySQL 4.1 InnoDB table type.
>I install MySQL 4.1.12 (using InnoDB engine mode ) in Window XP and Torque 3.1
>After create db with torque and changed the all table type to innoDB type with mysql admin
>But when I start the torque,
>I got the following warn message
>2005-06-21 18:38:48,936 [Torque - ID Broker thread] DEBUG org.apache.torque.oid.IDBroker
- IDBroker thread was started.
>2005-06-21 18:38:48,941 [main] WARN  org.apache.torque.oid.IDBroker - IDBroker is being
used with db 'easydesk', which does not support transactions. IDBroker attempts to use transactions
to limit the possibility of duplicate key generation.  Without transactions, duplicate key
generation is possible if multiple JVMs are used or other means are used to write to the database.
>I notice that when this message show, torque doesn't use transaction.
>How do I set the torque use transaction with MySQL InnoDB type ??
Torque does not default to creating InnoDB tables.  You need to edit the 
following file:

<torque gen dir>\templates\sql\base\mysql\db.props

At the bottom of the file change the table type to InnoDB ie.

# See mysql docs for valid table type names.
# For example, if you wanted to use the transactional type InnoDB,
# then specify "tableType = InnoDB"
tableType = InnoDB


Dan Cooper

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