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From Robert Bowen <s...@yahoo.com>
Subject Tracking DataSource connections
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 08:04:42 GMT
Hello all. 

I think I may have a connection leak somewhere in my
app and I have been perusing the mailing list archives
trying to see how I can track open and abandoned

I upgraded all the pertinent jars:

commons-dbcp 1.2.1
commons-pool 1.2
commons-collections 3.1

I have tried putting the following lines in my Torque
config file:

torque.dsfactory.myApp.pool.maxWait = 5000
torque.dsfactory.myApp.pool.removeAbandoned = true
torque.dsfactory.myApp.pool.logAbandoned = true
torque.dsfactory.myApp.pool.removeAbandonedTimeout =

... and *all* of them fail with the following error:

[ERROR] AbstractDataSourceFactory - Property: <maxWait
| defaultMaxActive | removeAbandoned | logAbandoned |
removeAbandonedTimeout> value: 25 is not supported by

I found these settings on the DBCP web site under
configuration, and have seen them in various messages
on the mailing list.

Can anyone explain to me why they are choking?

Many thanks,

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