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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: Example problem
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 06:31:21 GMT


It seems this problem was introduced in Torque 3.1.1. It should be fixed in
the cvs version ("fixed" means that you do not have to insert additional
parameters in your schema for id generation). Check out the cvs and look at
the "building" section of http://db.apache.org/torque/developer-guide.html
to do the build.

If you want a released version, the templates from Torque  3.1.0 should
also work. To replace only the templates, locate the directory
templates/sql/base/postgresql (this should be either in torque-gen.jar or
in the directory structure of the generator, depending on whether you
downloaded the jar or the zip or the tar.gz version of the generator).
Remove the files in there, get the files from 3.1.0 in the same directory
and put them in there.

Matt, thanks for the link provided. I have not seen this discussion before.
I am not sure of the general direction to go, but there are two opposing
- flexibility to use any id generation in postgresql
- portability to other databases
Perhaps a solution can be found which satisfies both, but not so sure what
this could be.


Matt Hughes <mhughe@uvic.ca> schrieb am 23.05.2005 22:29:58:

> Carl Ludewig wrote:
> > I'm using Torque 3.1.1 and Postgresql and have run into a problem
> > related to this thread of discussion. Something seems to be wrong in
> > this version regarding primary keys and sequences.
> I'm still using 3.1 because it works and I never bothered to upgrade, so
> the rest of this is in part rampant speculation.
> From Torque 3.1 to Torque 3.1.1, the stuff to create PostgreSQL
> sequences used by Torque has been removed. Instead, PostgreSQL is used
> to automatically generate sequences by setting the column type to serial
> instead of int, but this only happens when autoIncrement="true".
> This thread on the dev list discusses it a bit:
> http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/BrowseList?listName=torque-
> dev@db.apache.org&by=thread&from=871983
> >
> > If I set my table to use idMethod="native", then torque generates sql
> > that refers to a non-existence sequence and I can't insert any rows.
> Because of the number of options that have to be set, it seems to be
> really easy to select a set which results in a non-working system.
> >
> > If I add autoIncrement="true" to my primary key, then I get working
> > and I can insert rows via psql. BUT I can't insert any rows via  the
> > peer objects, because the generated Java code refers to a  sequence
> > does not exist.
> Try using id-method-param to tell Torque about the autogenerated
> sequence, as suggested by Scott
> (http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/ReadMsg?listName=torque-dev@db.
> apache.org&msgNo=4108):
>  <table name="category" idMethod="native">
>     <column name="category_id" required="true" autoIncrement="true"
>         primaryKey="true" type="INTEGER"/>
>     <column name="name" size="100" type="VARCHAR"/>
>     <id-method-parameter name="seqName"
>   </table>
> Use psql and '\ds' to find out what the generated sequences are named.
> --
>  Matt Hughes
>   + mhughe@uvic.ca
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