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From "Piechu Piechu" <piech...@wp.pl>
Subject Problem with BOOLEAN fields
Date Sun, 15 May 2005 13:00:02 GMT

I'm rather new to Torque, so maybe my problem seems very easy, but I haven't any idea how
to sole it.

I've created a schema file with my database description. I have there few fields that are
pointed as a BOOLEAN type. After succesful build using Maven, when I put all classes to Eclipse
- there are a lot of errors with fields which were pointed as Boolean type. These errors are
for example:
-> private int clubDeleted = new int(false);
   Where in schema file was:
   <column name="club_deleted"
-> obj.setClubDeleted(row.getValue(offset + 2).$col.VillageMethod);
   Eclipse doesn't recognize the '$col' (it says "$col cannot be resolved or is not a field)
- the same occurs with every fields that was pointed as BOOLEAN type

They only occure in both Base* and Base*Peer files.
I'm using JDBC driver -> postgresql-8.1dev-400.jdbc3.jar, java 1.5_02 and torque 3.1.1


Jakub Piechnik

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