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From "Damien Corbishley" <Damien.Corbish...@uk.intervoice.com>
Subject RE: connection recovery
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 07:45:14 GMT
Use the resilient data source in torque.properties instead of the
classic datasource, and then set your validation query.

Note: The example validation query SELECT 1 may not be enough, we found
that on database startup (Sybase) if a connection attempt was made the
SELECT 1 would pass but the actual database hadn't been fully recovered
- this then gave us duff connections - so we changed our SELECT 1 to
SELECT from a single column table with only ever one entry. This seems
to do fine for us.

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From: Jinsong Hu [mailto:jinsong_hu@hotmail.com] 
Sent: 20 April 2005 06:41
To: torque-user@db.apache.org
Subject: connection recovery

Hi, There,
  I have been using torque in our project.I am trying to get this to

1. use Torque.init();
2. use the torque connections for various tasks.
3. shutdown the database manually. at this stage, no connection can be
4. start database manually, and in the java code, try to use db
connection again.

what happens is that for oracle database, in step 4, the connection will
work, and I
can continue to select/insert data without special effort.

but if the database is ms sql, then the connections will always fail,
saying broken pipe.

I have to restart my application to get connection work again.

I wonder if in torque there is a method to ask the torque to
re-establish db connection.
it looks trying shutdown() then init() doesn't do the trick. 

I am using torque 3.1


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