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From Laran Evans <lc...@cornell.edu>
Subject confusion with generator
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 17:40:17 GMT
So I'm a bit confused.

I saw the build-torque.xml file in the generator source distro.

All I want from Torque is to:
1/. Extract the structure of my existing database into xml.
2/. Extract the data from my existing database into xml.
3/. Create a database with the same structure as my existing database in 
another location.
4/. Insert the data extracted from my existing database into the new 

I do NOT want business objects created.

So I copied the build script and removed the tasks relating to OB stuff.

Now my problem is that when I run the various tasks I find myself 
running into an issue like missing the .dtd for my schema or some other 
such thing which seems to have arisen because there aren't depends 
statements on the various individual tasks. It seems that the build 
script was written to run in a sort of all-or-nothing mode.

So, should I just use the default build.xml file and just get 
comfortable with it? My main concern for not running it stock was fear 
of dropping my existing database by accidentally executing the wrong 
task. A double-click on the task a few pixels too high or low and my db 
would be dead.

Or, is there documentation on what tasks depend on others and in what 
sequence they need to be executed?

I appreciate your help.
 - Laran Evans

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