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From raphael.x.man...@gsk.com
Subject Re: Torque and jsp
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 13:29:19 GMT
I use Eclipse with Struts/Tiles  for managing the jsp.

I do not make any Torque references whatsoever in the jsp files. I ensure
that the Struts Action classes pre-load all objects that I am going to need
and put them into beans, either in the request of the session scope. This
helps to keep the DB management decoupled from the display management.

OTOH there is no absolute reason not to make Torque references from jsp.
You will simply have to define new beans in the jsp to hold the DB entities
that you have fetched. Provided that you have at least one DB object
preloaded into a bean, the jsp layer need know nothing about Torque; it
merely follows links around. Personally, I don't like this. I prefer to
keep the jsp as pure presentation, with no logic.

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I have a problem when i associated torque with jsp.In fact,I use the IDE
jdevelopper .torque only works very good but when i add in the scope
technologies"jsp",the code in the jsp doesn't reconize the
"torque.properties".it seems a problem of directories,but i don't know  how
to manage to link torque and jsp in jdevelopper.if you have a tutorial
about this,help me.


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