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From jcase...@chubb.com
Subject doDelete problem, null dbMap
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 19:51:27 GMT

This is exactly (well.. almost) what I have in my code

//Get a connection
dbConn = Torque.getConnection(getProperty("db2.environment"));

\\db2Schema  is the High level qualifier for the table
String db2Schema = MixApplication.getProperty("db2schema");

BaseTableNamePeer.executeStatement("SET CURRENT SQLID = '" + db2Schema +
"'", dbConn);
BasePeer.executeStatement("SET CURRENT SQLID = '" + db2Schema + "'", dbConn

Criteria criteria = new Criteria();
criteria.add(TableNamePeerPeer.OFFRG_N, primaryKey);
TableNamePeer.doDelete(criteria, dbConn);

By the way, the dbMap was not null, dbMap.getTable(tab) is null.. my
ColumnMap[] columnMaps = dbMap.getTable(tab).getColumns();

How are you are suggesting I should use the forName()?

Thanks again!


My first guess would be that the Peer class is not loaded by the
classloader before you execute the query. See
In Torque 3.1.1, the problem should be resolved. Alternatively, you can
force the classloader to load the class before you execute the statement,
e.g. by class.forName();

By the way, what is TableNamePeer.PRIMARY ? Never seen that before; I
normally would use
TableNamePeer.doDelete(criteria, dbConn);


jcaserta@chubb.com schrieb am 11.03.2005 16:35:13:

> I recently moved over to version 3.1 for Java, I have the selects working
> fine now (Thanks). The issue is on a doDelete, the dbMap is null. The
> is occurring on this line:
> ColumnMap[] columnMaps = dbMap.getTable(tab).getColumns(); in the
> My Criteria is setup as follows:
> Criteria criteria = new Criteria();
> criteria.add(TableNamePeer.PRIMARY_KEY, primaryKey);
> TableNamePeer.PRIMARY.doDelete(criteria, dbConn);
> This is the main DB2 table and there are many beneath it. Our system will
> automatically handle the cascading of the delete. This worked fine in
> Thank you in advance!
> Jim

 Jim Caserta                                                                      
 Whitehouse Station CCI - PM&M Systems                                            
 Office: (908) 572-4788                                                           
 Mail Stop: WHB2S-15                                                              

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