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From "Brandon Mayes" <eff4...@hotmail.com>
Subject auto-increment is messed up
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 15:43:58 GMT
So I noticed that by using MySQL, the auto-increment property was never set. 
  In the MySQL driver it said that since the ID field was not read-only that 
in order to conform to the standard, it must return false indefinitely.  
Hence, there was never an auto-increment when creating XML from a JDBC 
connection.  Now I have switched to Cloudscape.  I'm not sure if the driver 
is different or not, but I have set auto-increment in the table, and it 
should take care of it whenever an element (row) is inserted into the 
database.  Using the torque:jdbc command I can connect to an existing DB and 
generate everything perfectly, except I get one error in one java file.  I 
have a patient DB that includes patient_id, firstName, lastName, address, 
etc. and here's how it starts the BasePatient class:

public abstract class BasePatient extends BaseObject
    /** The Peer class */
    private static final PatientPeer peer =
        new PatientPeer();

    /** The value for the patientId field */
    private Integer patientId = new Integer(AUTOINCREMENT: start 1 increment 

The Java code doesn't compile since that "AUTOINCREMENT: start 1 increment 
1" statement is not a valid argument to pass to an Integer object.  Has 
anyone seen this before or do you know why this is doing this?


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