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From "Will Keeling" <w.keel...@tiscali.co.uk>
Subject Torque is inserting, not updating
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:28:46 GMT

I'm new to Torque and I'm having a slight problem where I'm calling save()
on a Torque object and it's doing an insert when I'm expecting it to do an

I'm creating a new object and setting a number of it's fields including it's
primary key field - an 'id' field which is of type 'int'. I would have
expected Torque to realise that with the primary key field set, the object
it's not considered to be new and therefore it should attempt an update. But
it always does an insert.

The way round this I've found is to call setNew(false) on my object before
calling save() to force Torque to do the update.

Is calling setNew(false) the right way to be doing this (I wouldn't have
thought so)?

I'd be grateful for any advice!

Many thanks in advance,


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