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From "Brandon" <eff4...@hotmail.com>
Subject torque:jdbc isn't right
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:30:14 GMT
I'm having a problem using the torque:jdbc call.  It doesn't seem to be 
treating the database as using the native idMethod even though I defined the 
DB that way, and used Torque to create and populate the DB.  But it doesn't 
seem to be pulling the very information that it put into the database. 
Surprisingly enough it does create the XML files properly, and everything 
seems to be working properly, but it creates a class called BaseIdTablePeer. 
The interesting thing is that it creates a duplicate name for a String in 
the file.  Here's what the generated code looks like:

/** the default database name for this class */
public static final String DATABASE_NAME = "default";

/** the table name for this class */
public static final String TABLE_NAME = "id_table";

 * @return the map builder for this peer
 * @throws TorqueException Any exceptions caught during processing will be
 *                rethrown wrapped into a TorqueException
public static MapBuilder getMapBuilder()
      throws TorqueException
      return getMapBuilder(IdTableMapBuilder.CLASS_NAME);

/** the column name for the ID_TABLE_ID field */
public static final String ID_TABLE_ID;
/** the column name for the TABLE_NAME field */
public static final String TABLE_NAME;

Notice that the string TABLE_NAME is defined twice.  I am not sure why it is 
generating things like this.  It also indicates that it's using the id_table 
stuff rather than the native stuff I defined when I created the DB for the 
idMethod.  Anyone have any thoughts?


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