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From Αντώνης Λεμπέσης <ant...@di.uoa.gr>
Subject Re: use same conf with more than one databases
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 20:57:17 GMT
Guy Galil wrote:

>What's hardcoded in the base classes is a logical name that points to
>settings in Torque.properties - if you have each developer use a
>different properties file then they can access different databases.
I have tried to do this, but I got an exception (something about 

>Another alternative is to override the hardcoded database name by
>specifying a database name on each torque method call, all Torque
>methods such as save, doSelect, delete can be called with either a
>String database name or a connection object, off-course this might
>require massive code changes.
And besides that, we wouldn't be able to commit anything...

>The third alternative is to change configuration at run time, I have
>code that do this for Torque 3.02 that does not work with newer
>versions. The idea is to get the Configuration object, change some
>settings and reconfigure Torque.
>It requires some digging into the Torque code but is doable.
>I can provide the 3.02 code if you want but I know those things changed
>since that version.
I'de be grateful if you could send me that code. If I manage to get 
something out of  that, I'll let you know ;).


PS. This i what I found in a Base*Peer file:

    /** the default database name for this class */
    public static final String DATABASE_NAME = "AdiasBase";

That's why I said that this info is hardcoded...

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