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From "Travis Stevens" <Travis.Stev...@noaa.gov>
Subject Maven, managing source code.
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 21:45:41 GMT

The maven-torque-plugin is fantastic.  However, I am having trouble 
managing the source.  Torque generates Base classes and blank Subclasses 
of those for developers to add functionality for both Peer and Bean-like 
objects.  For one table I end up with BaseTable.java, 
BaseTablePeer.java, Table.java and TablePeer.java.  I then modify 
Table.java for various reason.

In this scenario, I would think that the best way to manage source code 
is to check only Table.java into CVS.  That, along with the -schema.xml 
files, I am able to easily regenerate the state.  However, this becomes 
very messy because the generated classes are in the src directory.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this?

I also use Axis wsdl2java maven plugin.  The axis plugin generates code 
into the target directory which makes sense.  I would suggest Torque 
move to this model.  If Table.java is not in the src directory, create 
it in the target directory.  If a developer wishes to modify Table.java, 
then it is their job to move it into the source directory.


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