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From "Caron, Roger A." <roger.ca...@pw.utc.com>
Subject Schema.xml alter, not overwrite
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 15:28:39 GMT
When running ant against build.xml "jdbc" target, the JDBC connection is
created and the Schema.xml file is created.  Assuming you edit that
schema.xml file to set the JavaName property of your classes or variables
prior to running ant's "om" target to customize the file, if you rerun ant
against the "jdbc" target again, it overwrites the schema.xml file and you
lose all JavaName and other customizations.  

Is there a way to prevent this so the generated schema.xml file will contain
only new tables (ie. tables recently created in the DB) and not overwrite
the customizations you've already defined against the other tables?


Roger Caron

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