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From Brent Verner <br...@rcfile.org>
Subject Re: Software Architect / Software Developer positions
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2004 09:18:05 GMT
[2004-10-16 01:02] Ajitesh Das said:
| >Vishant, who at least presents himself as "Project Engineer",
| >not an HR technian!
| Hiding behind insults?

Whoa!  You have taken this wrong, so let me apologize.  I was
only having a little standing-on-a-soapbox playful diatribe,
and I _am_ sorry that you feel insulted by it, but I do think
the original message was of respectable origin.  If the email
was from (something like) hrdept@ineedmycommission.com, I'd 
be right with you in not wanting it on the list :-).

I thought the self-ribbing comment about the nasty run-on
sentence would reveal the silly nature of my message, but
I guess I should have scattered some smileys throughout the
message :-\

cheers and apologies,

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