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From "Patric Leegrave" <torque...@starmail.com>
Subject Inheritance
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 10:44:10 GMT
Hi Developers

I need to create the following Objects with torque on a mysql Database.

Object: ITComponent Fields: ID, Name
Object: Monitor Fields: ID, Name, Resolution
Object: Keyboard Fields: ID, Name, Layout

I would like to map those also with inheritance, like java do ( e.g :
Monitor extends ITComponent). Is this possible to handle it with torque or
not. Inheritance is described, but it does'nt work. If im wrong, please
confute it with sample xml.
Torque is realy cool, but inheritance is a must to have in a OR-Mapper
Is there not a function like 

<table name="ITComponent">

<table name="Monitor" inheritance="ITComponent">


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