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From Emmanuel Florent <eflor...@devaki.org>
Subject Re: help with torque generator
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 11:31:15 GMT
I already modified those terrific vm templates to generate PHP-OO code.
Bogdan have pushed up  a torque-app looking like Phpmyadmin and others
but on top of Torque and on the basis of your tables.
I think a repository for Torque and Velocity template would be a nice
you can find some code sample and an IDE for extending Torque's
templates at http://www.devaki.org/nextobjects/



Le jeu 28/10/2004 à 13:07, T E Schmitz a écrit :
> Hello Eduardo,
> > From the torque.jar file, it's possible to see that the generator uses
> > vm files to create the external documents. What exact format are those
> > vm files in? Is there any documentation on how I can extend, or create a
> > new vm file?
> They are Velocity files (http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity)
> Yes, you can add more vm templates to your project.
> What makes life easier when editing the Velocity/Java jumble: I use an 
> editor (on the PC) called UltraEdit, for which I have a code colouring 
> for Velocity files.
> > Is there anyway to have those vm files outside the torque package? I
> > tried copying some of the files to my project, so that I can then change
> > them, and I changed the torque-build.xml file, but I couldn't get it to
> > work (Resource not found - control.vm file).
> Yes, I've done it. You have to change the torque-build.xml. You also 
> have to understand how the Torque people used Control.vm: this is the 
> template from which the generation of the actual code is controlled. 
> Control.vm, as it is, expects the other vm files to be in the same 
> directory.
> The other thing you have to be aware of is that the schema.xml file is 
> expected in a certain location (generator\schema); in my Ant build I 
> copy my schema file from the project directory to this Torque directory.
> You could also make the Torque generator directory tree part of your 
> project.
> I am generating a whole lot of additional code based on the schema file. 
> I found it was really worth my while understanding the Velocity templates.

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