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From arne.sie...@pta.de
Subject Antwort: blocking calls, query timeout
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 08:36:43 GMT

Hi Tino,

you should have a look at the method setWaitOption in the Oracle JDBC
driver class OracleStatement.

public void setWaitOption(int waitOption);

The valid values for waitOption are:
0 = The program waits until the requested resource is available (default
4 = The driver returns an error code if the requested resource is not
available (this one should work for you)

Arne Siegel

Hi all,

my problem is this:
My app using torque accesses an oracle db that
is shared with other apps. These apps tend to
use long blocking calls to select/update data,
causing my app to wait forever on updating that
same data.

As I cannot change those other apps I would
like to detect these blockings and handle them,
but therefore I need to set the timeout or smth. on
my queries, so they return with a nice SQLException
stating the error.

How would I set this timeout in torque, are there
other ways to cope with this problem?

Best regards,

Tino Sperlich

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