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From Howard Lin <xuhua....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: AW: save an object tree / bug concerning the MODIFIED-flag
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:54:33 GMT
<daniel.vitzethum@gigatronik.com> wrote:
> As mentioned earlier, I would prefer dumb beans/TOs that can be
> used for presentation purposes easily and DAO objects encapsulating
> all of the persistance logic. As I see, this logic is shared between
> TOs and Peers, what makes Torque a little bit harder to understand
> (and use) for me - there's always two places where to look ;-|
Obviously Torque OM/Peer doesn't fit this TO/DAO pattern. I remeber
there were some discussions before regarding DAO. You can check the

> I agree. I wanted to know if Torque _can_ fit the DAO pattern.
> As I see, Torque would be able to do that without many changes,
> but the thing with the modified flag is still a bit strange to
> me.
I guess it will take much effort to change Torque to fit DAO pattern
(not an easy project). The easiest way may be writing your own DAO
using Torque's Peer or create DAO.vm etc to generate DAO.
> Is there any place where I can read about the design principles
> of Torque - just to avoid these annoying "I want Torque to be
> different for me"-questions? ;-)
Have you checked Torque's web site and wiki site?


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