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From "Rankin Johnson" <rjohn...@jwortham.com>
Subject BasePeer.MapBuilder: ClassNotFoundException under Tomcat 5.0
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:59:23 GMT
> Hi Rankin,

> it says in the stack trace

> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.jwortham.ocip.map.AddrtypesMapBuilder

> Did you look whether a class file exists for this class within your web
>  application (in the WEB-INF/classes directory)? If yes, did you try to
>  instantate the class yourself and see  why the class cannot be instatiated
>  ?

> Thomas

Logical question.  Yes, there is such a class and is is in the right place. After seeing your
suggestion I checked and its a real directory, not a link.  However, I can't instantiate it
(AddrtypesMapBuilder) in a jsp page, nor can I compile the Tomcat generated servlet (output_jsp.java).
I get a series of strange errors, which are seemingly not Torque related.

 If I use a fully qualified name "com.jwortham.ocip.map.AddrtypesMapBuilder", I get:

  ... cannot resolve symbol
   symbol   : class map
   location:  package ocip
        com.jwortham.ocip.map.AddrtypesMapBuilder - new com.jwortham.ocip.map.AddrtypesMapBuilder();
    If I import the package and try for a "new AddrtypesMapBuilder()", I get a conflict between
two different namespaces - 

  "... reference to AddrtypoesMapBuilder is ambiguous, both class org.apache.torque.map.AddrtypeMapBuilder
in org.apache.torque.map and class com.jwortham.ocip.map.AddrtypesMapBuilder in com.jwortham.ocip.map

  I have noticed before that there doesn't seem to be a "clean" target in the ant script.
I've gone in once or twice to clear out the output path.  Could one of these two classes be
dregs from an earlier compile?  Does Torque want to have two such classes?

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