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From "Olivier Croisier" <Olivier.Crois...@thales-is.com>
Subject Re: Problems connecting to MySql database.
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 14:42:45 GMT
If I remember well, by default, mysql4 doesn't allow for remote connections (localhost only).
Check your my.cnf config file and modify this setting. Your database will then be accessible
on your network.

Hope this helps :)

Olivier Croisier

>> Hi there,
>> i am operating an Turbine app with MySql3 Server and Torque.
>> Today i've tried to connect to an MySql4 Server with the same
>> application
>> on a different Linux Server (SuSE 9.1) which won't work.
>> The only response is an Error from the BasePeer.initTableSchema
>> telling me, that on the port 3306 there may no MySql Server running.
>> With phpmyadmin or console i am able to connect to the MySql Server just
>> fine.
>> What am i doing wrong?
>> Error
>> java.lang.Error: Error in BasePeer.initTableSchema(TURBINE_USER):
>> Cannot connect to MySQL server on localhost:3306. Is there a MySQL
>> server running on the machine/port you are trying to connect to?
>> (java.net.ConnectException)
>> Do i have to use another driver? Or what else? Arrrgl.
>> Sincerely
>> --Martin--

Software Engineer
Thales IS - ANS

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