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From "Ben Bookey" <ben.boo...@gistec-online.de>
Subject Oracle --> Torque --> UPDATE constraint question
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:14:40 GMT

Dear list,

We are using Torque with oracle. Its possible to define a CASCADE Delete
constraint in the database-schema .xml file and this works great.

We would like to perform an update of another table (T2) when an update is
performed on another table(T1).
Is this possible to configure via Torque?  Please find an extract from the
database_3_1.dtd file, which seems to indicate that its possible when
defining a foreign key, by using the onUpdate element.

I believe that in Oracle one would normally solve this by using a trigger.
Any way of covering this using Torque ?

would appreciate any help.


<!ATTLIST foreign-key
  foreignTable CDATA #REQUIRED
  onUpdate (cascade|setnull|restrict|none) "none"
  onDelete (cascade|setnull|restrict|none) "none"

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