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From Paco Nathan <p...@symbiot.com>
Subject Re: my experience with torque
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2004 15:12:24 GMT
Hola Michael,

Interesting discussion, good points.

One thing to keep in mind about log4j is that it's more mature and yet 
progressing faster than Sun's logging package in Java.  For example, 
java.util.logging in JDK 1.4 hasn't reached anywhere close to the level 
of support provided by log4j Adapters.  If an application has real 
needs for notification/remediation/trouble-ticketing, that can become a 
sore spot for system integration.  Many other projects use log4j, so if 
you integrate use of Torque along with other systems, it pays to keep a 
common ground for logging.  More about that at:  

To add to Scott's note about JDK support ... I'm working on an open 
source project which has JDK 1.4 as a dependency, and we've found this 
exact point to be one of our biggest hurdles for cross-platform 
adoption.  For example, FreeBSD is just barely offering a stable 
alternative for a 1.4 compiler.


On 23 Aug 2004, at 06:06, Scott Eade wrote:

> Michael Moossen NO TENGO! . wrote:
>> - i think it is also a good idea to keep the project up to date with 
>> java versions, to use log4j has no sence since java 1.4 includes the 
>> logging API. and to include a jar for just use one or two methods of 
>> StringUtils, is not worth...
> Most ASF projects strive to support jdk 1.3 and forward as often in 
> corporate environments people are stuck with these older versions.  By 
> using commons logging you can take advantage of jdk 1.4 logging if you 
> so desire.  As for StringUtils, there are a tonne of useful things in 
> Commons Lang - Torque may use just a few methods, but your application 
> can benefit from using these classes too.
>> finally, thanx for all the effort for doing torque possible and stay 
>> working on it.... i am still using most torque's capabilities and 
>> more important i got tons of good ideas from it..
>> best regards, michael
> Welcome to Torque.
> Scott

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