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From Marius Siegas <mar...@elinara.ktu.lt>
Subject Re: ComboKey composite primary key: modifying PK fields
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 09:29:38 GMT

   Thanks for your thoughts. Well, ok, maybe this behaviour isn't that
   bad, but i stil think Torque should handle this a bit differently, it
   at least could setNew(true) when i do modify my PKs or do something
   else so i could detect my error more easily... Anyway, i'm happy i
   know about this behaviour now, it could be documented somewhere at

Thomas Fischer wrote:
> Hi,
> I do not think this behaviour is as weird as it seems at fisrt thought. A
> primary key is there to identify an object uniquely, so if you change the
> primary key, you have a new object. Therefore, the update with the current
> values from the pk is ok for me.
> Usually this kind of problem pops up if your primary key also has a meaning
> in the real world. I have found it extremely helpful to use only primary
> keys which have no meaning in the real world except to identify the object
> uniquely; but this might not make sense in under all circumstances.
> Suggestion how to change a primary key:
> start a transaction
> load the object
> call the peer class to delete the object by pk but keep a reference to the
> object in memory
> modify the primary key by the object's getters and setters
> call the setModified() and setNew() methods of your object both with
> argument true
> save the object (Torque will use a insert to do this because it thinks the
> object is new)
> commit the transaction.
>    Hope that helps,
>      Thomas
> Marius Siegas <marius@elinara.ktu.lt> schrieb am 11.08.2004 17:51:44:
>>   I tried to modify my fields which are part of primary key and save
>>   object and it doesn't work. After some investigations i found out
>>   that Torque builds the WHERE clause from current values of the PK
>>   fields. Don't you think this behavior is ill? I try to modify one
>>   object and it turns out i will update another... On the other hand,
>>   what if i want to change the value of my primary key? Is it so
>>   uncommon?.. Torque could save objects PK when loading and then use
>>   it for saving object, why not?

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