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From "Michael Moossen NO TENGO! ." <mmoos...@123mail.cl>
Subject Re: my experience with torque
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:49:23 GMT
> Are you sure? Have you seen Criteria.Criterion??
> (http://db.apache.org/torque/criteria-howto.html)
yes!! Criterion is only useful for different Criteria for the same column
for instance, you can do:
table.date<today or table.date is null
but not interesting things like:
table.id is not null or (table1.date1 < today and table2.date2 > today)
see the implementation!
> I don't think torque is limited to single column primary key, you 
> can 
> define more columns as primary keys  but you need to specify 
> idMethod none
> since only you know how to generate these primay key values (most 
> probably they are foreign keys to another table)
ok, sorry, you are right i was not clear enough, i wanted say that 
Criteria does not take advantage of the meta info of a table when 
a more columns pk is used, as i wrote later:

>- when you support more general pks, it should be nice when 
> Criteria allows to specify a join (over several fields), and other 
> things, just given a PrimaryKey object (which should refer to 
> several columns, of course)


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