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From <Luc.Ma...@sungard.com>
Subject RE: patched village.jar
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 16:19:13 GMT

This happend because the Oracle JDBC driver for Version 9 or 10 change
the behavior of the JDBC DATE and now support the sql DATE standard by
having only a DATE, no time.

Torque is mapping TIMESTAMP to Oracle DATE datatype so this is why you
get a truncated date now. ( See
http://otn.oracle.com/tech/java/sqlj_jdbc/htdocs/jdbc_faq.htm ).

When Oracle changed the DATE behavior, they added the TIMESTAMP datatype
that contain the date and time. 

We converted our Oracle schema to use the TIMESTAMP datatype instead of
the DATE datatype when we needed the precision and modified the db_props
mapping in the torque jar to use the TIMESTAMP datatype and everything
work fine now. 

No need for the patched village jar.

Hope this help. Tell me if this resolved your issue.

Thank you.


Open the torque-gen-3.1.jar ( WinZip work well to do that ) and edit the
sql\base\oracle\db.props.properties file.

Change the mapping for the TIMESTAMP to TIMESTAMP. You should also
change the TIME to TIME instead of DATE as in the original file.

Here is my changes:
# Changed to support JDBC for Oracle DB V9 and better.
# The DATE format changed in Oracle to only a date, no time.
# so we now use the TIME type.
# Luc Major 2004/06/17
# Changed to support JDBC for Oracle DB V9 and better.
# The DATE format changed in Oracle to only a date, no time.
# They created TIMESTAMP type.
# Luc Major 2004/06/17

Luc Major.
Director of Solution Development
SunGard Front Office Solutions
Tel: 514.982.6687 x208
Email: Luc.Major@sungard.com

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From: Husek, Paul [mailto:Paul.Husek@pfizer.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 11:04 AM
To: 'torque-user@db.apache.org'
Subject: patched village.jar

I understand there's a patched village.jar (torque 3.1) for working with
timestamps under oracle.  Currently it's truncating them. Where can I
this patched jar file?




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