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From Veronique Couderc <veroniq...@sensorynet.co.uk>
Subject SortedMap in reverse order
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 16:25:20 GMT


Do you know how to use SortedMap in a descending order?

This prints the elements in ascending order:

	SortedMap sortedMap = new TreeMap();
	Iterator iter = sortedMap.keySet().iterator();
	while (iter.hasNext())
		String key = (String)iter.next();
	}//end while

I found this on the net but can't make it work:

Creates a reversed version of this map.
Must be <code>O(n)</code>, where <code>n</code> is the number of
elements in this collection.
@return  A map with the elements in reverse order.
public abstract SortedMap reversed();

Many thanks


Veronique Couderc
SensoryNet Ltd, London

t. 0845 226 3012
f. 0845 226 8512

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