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From ron piterman <ron.piter...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Criteria parses to "SELECT FROM .."
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 07:57:51 GMT
Hi, many thanx for your answer, and - about the english - mine is not 
better ;-) so forget about it...
Anyway, I tried it and it doesn't help (solution 1).
solution 2 is not applicable because I really need the Object and not 
the Village things...
hmm... :-(

florianfray@compuserve.de wrote:

>Hi Ron!
>I suggest your class is named LanguagePeer. If it is not, change it to 
>the appropiate name in the following statements.
>2 Solutions:
>1.) change the line "return doSelect(c)" to "LanguagePeer.doSelect(c)" 
>doSelect(Criteria) exists in BasePeer, too and since it is static and 
>because of this it's overriden.
>2.) add a line "addSelectColumns(c)" before the try catch-block.
>This code should have another mistake: It should never give back a 
>list of Language-Objects, but it should return a list of Village-
>I guess this is not what you want. Solution 1.) will solve this 
>problem, too. 2.) won't.
>Hope it helps
>F. Fray
>PS Nevermind! This is a quick answer, so dont care about my english!
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