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From ron piterman <ron.piter...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: IdGenerator is null
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 09:47:11 GMT
Here is a part of the database schema:
(I removed some tables becuase otherwise it is very big, but currently I 
am using in my app only these two...)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE database SYSTEM 
<!-- Autogenerated by JDBCToXMLSchema! -->
<database  defaultIdMethod="native">
    <table name="address_book">
        <column name="address_book_id" primaryKey="true" required="true" 
        <column default="0" name="customers_id" required="true" 
        <column default="" name="entry_gender" required="true" size="1" 
        <column name="entry_company" size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="entry_firstname" required="true"
            size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="entry_lastname" required="true"
            size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="entry_street_address" required="true"
            size="64" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column name="entry_suburb" size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="entry_postcode" required="true"
            size="10" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="entry_city" required="true" size="32" 
        <column name="entry_state" size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="0" name="entry_country_id" required="true" 
        <column default="0" name="entry_zone_id" required="true" 
    <table name="customers">
        <column name="customers_id" primaryKey="true" required="true" 
        <column default="" name="customers_nick" required="true"
            size="16" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_gender" required="true"
            size="1" type="CHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_firstname" required="true"
            size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_lastname" required="true"
            size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_dob"
            required="true" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_email_address"
            required="true" size="96" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="0" name="customers_default_address_id"
            required="true" type="INTEGER"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_telephone" required="true"
            size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column name="customers_fax" size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="customers_password" required="true"
            size="40" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column name="customers_newsletter" size="1" type="CHAR"/>
        <column default="0" name="registered_ip" required="true" 
        <column default="" name="registered_host" required="true"
            size="128" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column default="" name="registered_on"
            required="true" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
        <column name="registration_code" size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column name="last_change_ip" type="INTEGER"/>
        <column name="last_change_host" size="128" type="VARCHAR"/>
        <column name="last_changed_on" type="TIMESTAMP"/>

And the torque properties (I removed some commented lines)
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# $Id: Torque.properties,v 1.11 2003/08/19 19:09:44 mpoeschl Exp $
# This is the configuration file for Torque.
# Note that strings containing "," (comma) characters must backslash
# escape the comma (i.e. '\,')
# -------------------------------------------------------------------

torque.applicationRoot = .

# -------------------------------------------------------------------
#  L O G G I N G
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# We use Log4J for all Torque logging and we embed the log4j
# properties within our application configuration.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------

# This first category is required and the category
# must be named 'default'. This is used for all logging
# where an explicit category is not specified.

log4j.category.org.apache.torque = ALL, org.apache.torque
log4j.appender.org.apache.torque = org.apache.log4j.FileAppender
log4j.appender.org.apache.torque.file = 
log4j.appender.org.apache.torque.layout = org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout
log4j.appender.org.apache.torque.layout.conversionPattern = %d [%t] %-5p 
%c - %m%n
log4j.appender.org.apache.torque.append = false

# -------------------------------------------------------------------
#  T O R Q U E  P R O P E R T I E S
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# These are your database settings. Look in the
# org.apache.torque.pool.* packages for more information.
# The parameters to connect to the default database.  You MUST
# configure these properly.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------


## Using jndi
torque.dsfactory.tutim.jndi.java.naming.factory.initial = 
torque.dsfactory.tutim.jndi.java.naming.factory.url.pkgs = org.apache.naming
# Determines if the quantity column of the IDBroker's id_table should
# be increased automatically if requests for ids reaches a high
# volume.


# Determines whether the managers cache instances of the business objects.
# And also whether the MethodResultCache will really cache results.

torque.manager.useCache = true


Andras Balogh wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't think you need his table. Can you post the schema file and 
> torque.properties (of course you should
> alter connection info to something dummy)?
> Andras.
> ron piterman wrote:
>> Well, I added the table, but I still get the exception :(
>> org.apache.torque.TorqueException: IdGenerator for table 'customers' 
>> is null
>>        at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.doInsert(BasePeer.java:708)
>>        at tutim.db.DBCustomersPeer.doInsert(DBCustomersPeer.java:258)
>>        at tutim.db.DBCustomersPeer.doInsert(DBCustomersPeer.java:636)
>>        at tutim.db.DBCustomers.save(DBCustomers.java:993)
>> ...
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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