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From arne.sie...@pta.de
Subject Antwort: inconsistant save() MSSQL
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 12:04:41 GMT

Hi Sandeep,

my suggestion is you try the patch for the MSSQL adapter class that I
described by my message on May 6.

Its intention is simply to account for the extra precision that the DATE
class of the MSSQL DB provides.

I'm not sure if it fixes your problem because I'm not very deep in Torque's
internal issues.


Hi all,

I am experiencing inconsistant results with save() method,  call to save()
does not save results sometimes.
This failure is inconsistant and has been observed multiple times a day.
Lets say typically of 2000 rows data will be save correctly and
for 1 or 2 or more it might not be saved.

Environment: Web application on TOMCAT,
torque 3.1
database: MSSQL

Table schema is simple, each table/Tables have ID columns as primary keys.
All tables have similiar structure and only problem in in one of tables.
The web application has multiple threads (created by developers) , and all
api's callling  Torque save() have been synchronized.

This failure to save occurs inconsistantly in some rows while for most it

Please suggest solution.

thanks in advance

--------------------code snippet
    Criteria crit = new Criteria();


    List v = TransformJobPeer.doSelect(crit);
    Iterator itr = v.iterator();
     TransformJob lkup;
    BigInteger jobId = tji.getTranformJobId();

      Iterator lItr;
      TransformJobFilesInterface tjfi;

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