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From <salgado...@04web.com>
Subject database generation with ojb1.1rc7
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 16:21:21 GMT

 I am using torque 3.0.2 that came with ojb1.1rc7 to generate my model
database and I am getting the following error:

build-torque.xml:214: Exception thrown by 'properties.load'. For more
information consult the velocity log, or invoke ant with the -debug flag.
  (the error is the same if I use the undeprecate sql target)

  The velocity report last logs

2004-06-18 16:00:27,459 - Velocimacro : initialization complete.
2004-06-18 16:00:27,459 - Velocity successfully started.
2004-06-18 16:00:27,912 - ResourceManager : found sql/base/Control.vm with
loader org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader.ClasspathResourceLoader
2004-06-18 16:00:27,927 - Method load threw exception for reference
$properties in template sql/base/Control.vm at  [2,19]

  I have been looking for the sql/base/Control.vm and found it inside the
Torque jar (this was different from the previous versions of Torque :( )
  I think it is this line...

#set ( $dbprops = $properties.load("sql/base/$targetDatabase/db.props") )

  I checked the OJB documentation and I verified that these statements
were on my build.xml.

    <property file="build.properties"/>
    <property file="mysql.profile"/>
      shouldn't this be     <property file="profile/mysql.profile"/>
      I tried both alternatives and the error continued to persist

  These were included... next

  I tried adding the properties directly to the target

        <ant dir="${plugin.ojb}"

            <property file="build.properties"/>
            <property file="profile/mysql.profile"/>


  didn't work either

  Tried uncommenting the mysql.profile line on the build.properties and
that didnt work either.

  I am really making an effort here to solve this one by my own but I am
becoming out of ideas. I have also posted this to the ojb-user...

  Thank you,

Pedro Salgado

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