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From Lederrey Guillaume <Gehel-Li...@LedCom.ch>
Subject Re: Torque & Swing
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2004 22:27:31 GMT
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Le samedi, 19 Juin 2004 14.45, T E Schmitz a écrit :
> Further to our discussion about a Torque/Swing framework I happened upon
> an article about building GUIs from BusinessObjects:
> http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-01-2004/jw-0102-toolbox_p.html

  Very interesting article ! Thanks for the link !

  I probably need some more thinking on the subject. They are a few points 
that are not fully clear for me yet ... I dont understand (yet) how you can 
use this pattern with a "load and edit" process. That is : usually in a 
client side application, you load data from a database, modify it and save 
it. The pattern proposed in the article propose 2 different builders for 
input and output. In a Swing application, quite often, you use the same field 
to display a value and edit it. So both builders have to share the fields (or 
you should use only one builder to do the export and import concerns). That 
seems to be manageable without to many problems.

  Second problem : in a "load and edit" app, the import is started by the UI 
and not by the Buisness object. This cant be done in the constructor. We 
could maybe modify the pattern and extend the Buisness object to impements a 
"saveable" interface that would be triggered from the builder ... but that 
implies a bidirectionnal relation between the buisness object and the builder 
(the builder has to trigger the update AND the objecttakes its data from the 
builder) which isnt that clean ...  I have to think some more ...

  Third problem : all builders have very similar code ...  very easy code in 
the example, but I'm very lazzy (ok, if I was coding instead of writing here 
I would already be done ...).  I have the intuition we could do even 
better ...

  Thanks for the very interesting article !

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