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From Lederrey Guillaume <Gehel-Li...@LedCom.ch>
Subject Re: Torque & Swing
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:40:06 GMT
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Le jeudi, 17 Juin 2004 20.20, T E Schmitz a écrit :
> I can't point you to any out of the box solutions but here are some of
> the concepts I came up with. Just beware that I chose this approach for
> my first Java (Torque+Swing) project and when I started out I didn't
> know about "frameworks". However, a few months down the line, I realize
> now that what I was looking to set up was something like a framework.

  Thanks for your answer !

  I already have about the same idea ... Actually, I dont have an XML 
description, because putting those informations directly in the source isnt 
that much more difficult. I agree that your solution is certainly more 
elegant !  I also use a layout manager and so on ...

  I should refine my question :

  What I'm looking for is the code to actually edit the data. Something like 
database oriented components. I would like that each time a field is edited, 
the change is reflected to the Torque object (and vice-versa). It is a bit 
more complex with list oriented components (tables or comboboxen).

  The code to do that isnt really complicated, but it is very repeatitive and 
i cant find a good way to factorize it ...

  Well, if anybody has another idea ...

	Thanks !

		Guillaume Lederrey
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