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From "Gerhard Otte" <Gerhard.O...@emediapark.de>
Subject AW: Torque & Swing
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:33:58 GMT
Hello Guillaume,

I've been working now with torque for about half a year; never
heard of it before and I'm still learning. It's a great tool for the
database layer and you can solve any problem that comes up in a more or
less comfortable way (in the end you can use of course SQL too, f.e.
outer joins or some sophisticated sql features).
>From your question i think yor are looking for something like those
data bound controls in the Windows/Visual Basic/etc. world, where
every keystroke is reflected from the control to a table column in the
One thing i learned from using torque is you definitly don't want this;
at least if your application isn't a trivial databrowser (then you could
use an existing plain database tool and would not create a complete
swing application). I have come up with one or two additional layers
between my swing application and the torque layer; one layer for doing
the functional aspects of my application (business objects,this includes
saving and retrieving data from the torque layer) and one layer to
present the results to my gui (I call it dataobjects). You will gain
a lot of flexibilty because you can design these dataobjects with
respect to your gui.

Gerhard Otte
mailto:G.Otte@emediapark.de     emediapark GmbH http://www.emediapark.de
Tel:+49 (0)941 630804-2 Fax:-9  Hemauerstr.14,93047 Regensburg,Germany

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> Von: Lederrey Guillaume [mailto:Gehel-Lists@LedCom.ch]
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2004 19:32
> An: Apache Torque Users List
> Betreff: Torque & Swing
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>   I have found Torque recently, and it is really helpfull to 
> handle my 
> databases connections !  I am developping a database oriented 
> application in 
> Java/Swing. What I am missing is a simple way to connect my 
> Torque objects to 
> my Swing forms.  I've search the net for an open source 
> framework that does 
> it, but I can't find it. It seems that all work is web/html 
> oriented ...
>   Do you have any links to that kind of framework ? Or some 
> design patterns 
> for doing that ?
>   Thanks for your help !
> 		Guillaume
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