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From Gandulf Kohlweiss <gkohlwe...@configworks.com>
Subject Strange id_table Behaviour in old turbine 2.1-torque (quantity=0)
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 07:43:19 GMT
my company is still using turbine 2.1 in a productive server, since one 
year, and everything worked more or less well. There where some problemes 
with the connections but nothing that couldn't be dealt with except one thing.

Every now and then,  it happended about 3 times now in half a year, the 
quantitiy value of one entry in the id_table is suddenly set to 0 (in words 
zero). Which throws an IndexoutofBounds Exception if the Id_Broker wants to 
fetch another id for this specific entry. If i update the value in the 
id_table to something >0 without reloading the context after the next 
action the id will be zero again. but if I update the value and reload the 
context, everything works fine (for some time).


Java Sun JDK 1.4.2
Linux - Debian
Turbine 2.1 with torque included
Postgres 7.3
Newest postgresSQL Driver
tomcat 4.1.x

Any Idea why this happens?

I know that migrating to turbine 2.x would probably solve the problem, but 
that would be way to much effort, since we are only supporting this 
project, and don't intend to imporve it anymore.

Thanx Gandulf

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