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From r...@mankin.org.uk
Subject RE: Status of download and confusion with tutorial
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 20:30:49 GMT

On 19-Apr-2004 Alexandru Dovlecel wrote:
> Hi L.G., 
> As I have seen until now, there are two other ORMapping tools (free). If
> anybody knows of some others, pls tell:
> 1) OJB. I think they are pretty young but they seem to support JDO. Which is
> a good thing. Bad thing they still need the reference JDO implementation
> from SUN. The drawback is that is young (I think 1.0 or so) and is not
> complete (not a fully OQL implementation). That's what I have seen on their
> site. 
I have been using Torque and playing with OJB. Currently, I feel that OJB is a
little unstable; they are working towards 1.0 but are not quite there yet. If
you think that the Torque docs are somewhat lacking, then OJB is rather more so.

In the long run, however, I think that OJB has greater potential with its
persistence broker mechanism, different kinds of transaction management, and
different interfaces (OQL, JDO, ODMG OTM). Maybe next year I shall revisit my
decision to stick with Torque.

> But torque is a nice tool, too. :))) 
> HIH,
> Alex 

                               Unfortunately, most programmers like to
                               program. Some of them would rather
                               program than eat or bathe.
                               - Larry Constantine

Raphael Mankin
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