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From Benjamin Yu <Benjam...@InformativeResearch.com>
Subject RE: Time Zone with Torque and PostgreSQL
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 00:57:25 GMT
I'm not sure if option 2 will work for you...because new Date()
and new Date(new GregorianCalendar().getTimeInMillis())
will create a new object of the same time.

Java API states that Date "is intended to reflect coordinated universal time
(UTC)". To which the Default constructor "initializes it so that it
represents the time at which it was allocated". And "the DateFormat class
should be used to format and parse date strings"

The java.text.DateFormat uses the values from TimeZone.getDefault() and the
value set by dateFormat.setTimeZone() to correctly output a string with the
proper timezone adjustments.

I believe that the client's "localtime" will be inserted into the table when
inserting a new Date() regardless of whatever timezone the server is in.
This effect appears to happen also with ms sql server's datetime.

>1) I could use the PostgreSQL datatype "timestamp with time zone" though
> I'm wondering if/how Torque will handle this datatype?

The default postgresql templates just use the "timestamp" datatype. Thus,
there will be no timezone conversion. However, one could modify the
torque-gen-3.1\templates\sql\base\postgresql\db.props file to add "with time

There's always option 3) set the jvm's timezone to utc in the environment.

However, I'm not sure which one of the options that i discussed to advocate.
:)  But I am leaning towards option one... to make the timestamp columns in
the database timezone aware...


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From: Sica, David (David) [mailto:dsica@avaya.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 10:28 AM
To: torque-user@db.apache.org
Subject: Time Zone with Torque and PostgreSQL

I have an application that could be running on servers in different time
zones.  I'm storing several columns of data in PostgreSQL using the
timestamp datatype.  I now realize that I need to record the time zone
as part of the timestamp as this application could be inserting into the
database from different time zones.  I'm trying to determine the best
way to handle this situation.  Here's some thoughts:

1) I could use the PostgreSQL datatype "timestamp with time zone" though
I'm wondering if/how Torque will handle this datatype?

2) I could always store the timestamp in UTC by calling new
Calendar().getTimeInMillis() and setting this value in my Torque data

Are there any comments or suggestions for implementation?

David Sica

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