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From T E Schmitz <m...@numerixtechnology.de>
Subject Re: PostgreSQL TIMESTAMP comparison fails
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 16:40:34 GMT
Hello Daniel, Thank you for your suggestion, this will do the trick for me.

Further to yesterday's posting, I would like to add some more details to
highlight the problem:

If the record was previously inserted via Torque, doDelete's TIMESTAMP
comparison will work and therefore delete the record. If, however, the
record had been added 'by hand' using the now() function to set the
TIMESTAMP, the comparison will fail.

It would appear that this is a precision / type incompatibility problem.
I presume PostgreSQL now() returns a TIMESTAMP of a greater precision
then java.util.Date. I wonder whether a Torque implementation using
java.sql.Date might remedy this incongruence.

As an aside, I need a further suggestion: Rather than storing the client
machine's Date() I want to store the server's current time in the
TIMESTAMP attribute. The only way I can think of would be using straight
JDBC and the now() function.

Best Regards,

Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz

Daniel Huang wrote:
> A possible workaround for your doDelete().
> Assuming that obj holds the object you want to delete and no further checks
> need to be done before deleting obj, you can call
> Peer.doDelete(obj.getPrimaryKey())


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