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From Arvind Bassi <arvind_ba...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject McKoi Embedded Database with Torque
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 23:41:55 GMT
Hi there,

I am currently building a Swing application that will utilise Torque as
the O/R layer between the application and an embedded McKoi database.

However, l notice that there is not a McKoi database adapter within the
project. Therefore, unless another reader of this mailing list has
generated one before then l will give it a go.

I am very new to Torque so please forgive my ignorance.

Can l confirm that all l need to do, to make Torque support another
RDBMS, is:

> subclass org.apache.torque.adapter.DB, and implement the methods
described in http://db.apache.org/torque-31/db-adapters.html
> copy an existing Velocity template and make the necessary changes for

Is there any other changes that l need to make?

Additionally, are there any "gotcha"s when deploying and testing
storing data against the "new" RDBMS?



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