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From skka...@engr.uky.edu
Subject Newbie: id_table not getting initialized!
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 00:49:35 GMT

  When I execute "ant -f build-torque.xml" id-table-init-sql all the
appropriate sql files are getting generated. Then when I execute 
"ant -f build-torque.xml insert-sql", ant tries to initialize the id_table 
before it creates the id_table. Basically its executing the sql files in the 
wrong order. I know I can copy paste bookstore-schema-idtable-init.sql and all 
will work fine. But I want to find out the cause of the problem and fix it 
rather than fixing the symptom. Btw, I'm using Oracle 9i.

  I saw some mail in the Archive that said there was a thread on this, but I 
searched for it and couldn't find it. Sorry if I'm asking the same question 

  I can docs find for schema and build.properties, but Torque.properties - No!!
Can someone give me the link to a doc on Torque.properties?


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