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From "Alexandru Dovlecel" <alexandru.dovle...@siemens.com>
Subject Save (insert) in cascade
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:38:56 GMT
Hi all,

Another question to ask&propose a possible solution.

I have X with a ToMany Y.

When I want to create an X with (let's say) 3 Ys, I have to do the

con = Transaction.begin( mydb ) ;
X = new X() ;
X.save() ;
y1 = new Y() ;
X.addY( y1 ) ;
y2 = new Y() ;
X.addY( y2 ) ;
y3 = new Y() ;
X.addY( y3 ) ;
X.save() ;

// or y1.save, y2.save, y3.save...

It is quite complicated... I think. It would be nice and elegant if doing
like this:
x = new X() ;
y1 = new Y() ;
x.addY( y1 ) ;
y2 = new Y() ;
x.addY( y2) ;
x.save() ;

Now, if X has an autoincrement PK, this does not work. But we could change
the Object.vm in order to make it work. In each for (relation)
if the X is new, then
	Y.setIdX( this.getId() ) ;
	Y.save() ;

The same solution could be implemented for ToOne relations.

As a result, this change will ease the use of torque (I think), but I don't
know what problems might arrise because of those changes. And also it
reduces the number of queries to the DBServer (by one): when doing the first
addY( y1 ), there is a query to DB in order to retrieve the Ys from the

What is your oppinion? Has somebody tried this? And if so, did they hit any
wall when doing this?


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