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From "Giulio Vezzelli" <giulio.vezze...@infolog.it>
Subject R: Torque BaseObjects' sons have wrong hashCodes ?!
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:33:06 GMT
> > I'm trying to use hashCode() to identify business objects 
> generated by 
> > Torque...
> Why?

To identify each instance of each object...
I have to check some actions in a web application aren't repeated by using
the "Back" button on the browser.

> > When the object is instantiated as a New User(), if I check 
> hashCode() 
> > immediately after instantiation the integer returned is different 
> > every time I call hashCode() !!!
> I don't know how it's generated, but perhaps it uses values 
> in the fields and when empty... does something else?

I found why... It returns hashCode from a "new SimpleKey" object, which, of
course, is always different.
This doesn't happen when the key is not empty...

I'll use some other method...


Giulio Vezzelli
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E-mail : giulio.vezzelli@infolog.it

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