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From "Alexandru Dovlecel" <alexandru.dovle...@siemens.com>
Subject RE: MSSQL problems with reserved words
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 11:31:56 GMT
HI Alllll :))))

Me very very happy. :)))

I have changed the templates for MSSQL server so that now it should work if
you have table names that conflict with MSSQL keywords. At least seems to
work a table called SCHEMA.

I haven't done any changes so that you can add a collumn that has a wrong
MSSQL name. If you like to add this kind of support, then... say so and work
on it :))). Maibe I will add support for this also.

Should I post these new templates somewhere? BTW, they are not fully tested,
only base tests. So if there is a standard rutine to test changes in
templates, pls tell me about it.

Hope it will help somebody (except me),

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