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From "Frank Nguyen" <franktngu...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject TorqueDataModelTask not found error
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 19:44:11 GMT


I kept getting this error message while building:

D:\torque-3.0-b4>ant -f build-torque.xml
Buildfile: build-torque.xml

file:D:/torque-3.0-b4/build-torque.xml:77: taskdef class
org.apache.torque.task.TorqueDataModelTask cannot be found

Total time: 15 seconds

I downloaded and installed it straight for the CD. There is
torque-3.0-b4.jar under torque-3.0-b4 dir and I also copied it into my java
home j2sdk1.4.1_05/jre/lib/ext. The jar tvf command does show
org.apache.torque.task.TorqueDataModelTask class is in the jar file. So,
what eles could be wrong ?

Thanks in advance,


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