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From "Gautam, Ajay" <agau...@ets.org>
Subject ID_TABLE question
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 15:19:24 GMT

I was wondering if there is a document that explains the inner workings of
ID_TABLE's NEXT_ID management. Or maybe someone on this list could elobrate
on the same in view of the following issues:

I have set ID_TABLE to start at NEXT_ID from 1, and QUANTITY to 1;
# ID Broker Default Values
initialID      = 101
torque.initialIDValue = 1
torque.initialIDStep  = 1

As a part of setting up my (MySQL) database, I insert records in some of the
tables. (example) I insert 2 records in ITEM table, with ID values 1 and 2.

Here are my questions / issues:

1. How does ID_TABLE manage the NEXT_ID field ? Currently, ITEM table has a
NEXT_ID value of 28806, instead of "3" that I would expect. Similar is the
case with many other tables. How can I tell ID_TABLE to behave properly ?

2. How do I tell ID_TABLE to select max(ID) from the tables that it will
manage, and use MAX(ID) + 1 as the starting NEXT_ID value ? Inserting values
in tables does not work, as ID_TABLE has NEXT_ID value which already exists
in the table !.

I tried looking into the code, but got impatient, and left that avenue. I am
tried to search on google, but again got impatient ! :(

Any help / info would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

Ajay Gautam

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