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From Rob Broadhead <robbroadh...@mindspring.com>
Subject Re: R: Criticism on Torque
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:15:11 GMT
I have to agree, it did not take that long for me to learn torque even 
though I had some struggles using postgres sequences and had to revert to 
the id broker. If you are brand new to J2EE stuff you will probably 
struggle, but if you have a working knowledge of xml and J2EE torque works 
as I would have designed it so it is a great fit. If you have more than one 
project you use it for or even a big, single project I have to recommend it 
as a great time saver and the database management side alone is worthwhile. 
I think I would have to look at torque for the DB even if I were building a 
client-server or .NET application.


PS. Is there a list of most requested docs or anything like that? If there 
is something people would like to see that I happened to have figured out I 
would not mind sharing my knowledge or giving a partial doc to someone who 
really understands torque, particularly since I have not gone the Maven 
route yet as the 3.1 version works fine for me with plain old ant.

Rob Broadhead - Consultant
RB Consulting Inc.

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