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From Rob Gordon <rgor...@mwt.net>
Subject Re: R: Criticism on Torque
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:06:00 GMT
May as well weigh in.

I am kicking some computering a** with Torque. Every time I define
a new table and type "ant -f build-torque.xml" I smile at how easily I
just accomplished writing/leveraging code to do the thing I find most
distasteful in developing software: writing DB code. I am also using
Torque (and its ant underpinnings) to programmatically generate schema
and execute SQL.

I would encourage you not to give up after two days. It would take WAY
than two days to learn everything upon which Torque is built (jdbc, sql,
scripting for various db vendors, xml, village, etc, etc, etc).

After two months I am still learning.  Sure the documentation is weak, but I can

only apologize for not recording and contributing what I have learned.

Finally, Scott Eade deserves much public praise for his expertise and
willingness to
help out. He is, for the most part, very patient. ;) I am sure there are others
who have been out there in the past, but Scott seems to be the most visible
expert these days. Thanks



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