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From Ales Vaupotic <ales.vaupo...@email.si>
Subject Re: Criticism on Torque
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 12:57:19 GMT

Hi, list!

Scott Eade wrote:

> Peter Boheme wrote:
>> Last 2 days i spend much of my time in these several
>> xml/properties files. For me, this tool is very hard
>> to use, even with your helpful advices on that
>> mailing-list. Reading the archive of this
>> mailing-list, let assume me other users of torque have
>> similiar problems.
>> I think there are three possibilities why.
>> 1. I am new two Torque
>> 2. I am to silly to use it
>> 3. The usage of Torgue is to complicated.
>> Even if 1 & 2 is right, i think a good tool
>> should be usable by a guy like me.
>> Especially for Torque cause it comes in version 3.1
>> and not 0.9. Another reason is: we are living in the
>> 3rd millennium...
>> Whats your opinion ?
> My opinion is that if after waging battle for two days you could find 
> a couple of hours to document what you have learned either to the list 
> or on the wiki it would help move things in the right direction.  If 
> you provide no feedback as to the specific problems you have 
> encountered then nothing can be done to address them.
> Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute 
> documentation.  If torque works for you, why not return the favour and 
> invest a few hours improving things.
> Scott
As I replied earlier, I did put together a small example. Has anyone 
checked it out? It's at  http://users.volja.net/amanita1.

Is it to complicated to follow? Should I explain it in more details? Is 
it to big? Is it misleading or incorrect? Comment on it, please.


PS: I also encourage you to polish the English as it is not my native 

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