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From Peter Boheme <bohem...@yahoo.de>
Subject RE: Debug - Bookstore
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:02:48 GMT
>> But i think Eclipse's
>> internal compiler compiles the Torgue generated
>> Java classes always to "debug" class-files. This is
>> why i got the debug-messages on my console. 

> The messages you are seeing are coming from the
> torque logging
> subsystem, not any special debug code. You need to
> turn off logging in
> an existing or new properties file.
> Eclipse doesn't know anything about logging systems,
> all it can do is
> turn on/off debug info in the compilation (symbols,
> line numbers, etc.)

Ok thx for this explanation.
But i am not able to turn off logging ;(
i deleted all *-properties Files except for
torque.properties & build.properties.
And i have no logging options in these files.
So in which file i can configure the logging behaviour



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