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From hicnar_torque_l...@o2.pl
Subject Re: The bookstore example
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 23:27:38 GMT

>I found the tutorial similarly frustrating, but I did actually get
a subset
>of the tutorial going. I sucessfully created a book and publisher.

I did to!! Everything is generatated (including the database
scheme), and compiles fine. I get three warnings, because some of
the generated methods override deprecated methods from BasePeer. You
managed to go bit further than I anyway :).

>I am using mysql and also get the transaction warning, but it still

Think this is fully justified, since MySql does not support
transactions (at least it didn't when I was playing with it - maybe
the latest version does?), but Postgres does!!

>I had to manually execute the sql to pupulate the id broker table.
If your
>id broker table is empty, you will need to do that too. Although the

My id_table table was created and is not empty, you must place the
id-table-schema.xml in your schema dir and execute ant tasks in the
following order:

ant -f build-torque.xml create-db
ant -f build-torque.xml id-table-init-sql
ant -f build-torque.xml insert-sql

and you get the id_table created (at least I did)

>exception you are getting about a null url implies a config error -

Absolutely possible!! I'm a novice after all, I've got the right to
be wrong :)

>It would be really helpful if someone who was familiar with torque
could put
>together a working example to share and highlight the key configuration

See if the Torque gurus reflect themselves and give us a hand :)

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